MOLDAVITE is only found in the Czech Republic in the strewnfield areas of the Reis Impact Crater created by the impact of a meteorite/asteroid approximately 14.8 million years ago. These are some of the localities they are found in.


The most sought after source locality. This area has been extensivelly mined and there is not much being found n this area. Some of the nicest structured Moldavite pieces come from this locale. The Besednice site moldavites come from the primary bed for brickworks. Moldavites findings are quite abundant in the form of latch, drops and particles. Color gray-green, velvety surface due to etching shapes sculpted in the loamy salt.


SE of Netolic site. Deposits form the middle-sized fine sculpted moldavites. Color is yellow-green.


Also an older source locality. Quite a bit of the currently available material comes from this locale. Some nice pieces have come from this locale.


Rich deposits of moldavites size of walnuts with a nice deep sculpture in various shapes, mainly disks like a rotating ellipsoid. Dark yellow-green color and most have a white gloss.


Deposits in sand pit close to the brickyard on the way from Ločenice to Besednice. Also several fields around Ločenice are also home to a good, dark yellow-green moldavite.


S. of Tyn near Vltavou. Smaller deposits of gray-green and green moldavite. Sculpting is partially slurred


North from Netolice. Among Malovic and Malovická is a very nice moldavite site. Specimens as large as walnuts. Faint greenish color and having a lot of negative impressions from large bubbles.


Moldavite findings in the fields near the village. Green color with a partially wiped sculpting.


W from Tyn near Vltavou. Weaker bright green moldavite deposits on Calvary and in the field towards the spice box, in loamy sands are deposits of moldavite 30-100 cm below the surface. Roughs are small with delicate sculpting.


SW. from Netolice. The park site at Rye has bright green moldavite. Include transportation trite with a gray coating.


Moldavite deposits in three places. The New Inn, secluded in the forest and on the bend of the road to the station Vrábče. The other two sites are on the front of the station Vrábče Troupová field and then the forest on a hillside, in the fields by the river. Color green with beautifully preserve sculpting.


S. of Netolice. Occurrence in the surrounding fields. yellow-green moldavite


NEW LOCATIONS. Presently miners in the Czech Republic are looking for new area to collect within the strewn field areas in hope that they will be able to supply us for a little longer. Current collection areas are becoming mined out and material very scarce. Unfortunately, this is causing a fast upswing in price of rough and faceted stones.