Moldavite availability: The last 2~3 months have been very bad for Moldavite collecting and mining due to the seasonal rain making everything very muddy and much more difficult to locate any specimens. In addition, the Czech government is clamping down on most mining operations with new rules and regulation on how deep miners may dig down. Since the strewn fields originally settled at a depth of up to 20 feet due to natural topsoil additions over the last 14.8 million years since the impact.

The new regulations only allow for mining/collecting to a depth of 1 meter - a little under 3 feet and even then only by local residents and scientists. That means a lot of the Moldavite is no longer legally accessible and as such the supply of rough Moldavite is getting very scarce. Prices are already skyrocketing.

We hope to be able to supply you with as much material as you need through the declining availability.


The Moldavite Man acquires all of it's material directly from miners and collectors living in the Czech Republic. In this manner, we hope to provide you with the best quality Moldavite at reasonable prices. We normally stock several kilos of Moldavite at any given time even thru the current shortage of material. If you are looking for Moldavite - You'll be able to find it at one of our dealers!!

  • Direct from the Czech Republic
  • Finest quality specimens
  • Current availability - we stock a good amount of material
  • Reasonable pricing - all Moldavite is priced by weight dependant on our current costs.

Moldavite products: We manufacture of of our Moldavite related items with real Moldavite. Our oils and spray have a larger piece of Moldavite in each bottle. We use only the finest essential oils, base oils and natural ingredients in our products.

Note on shipping out of the USA: Please note that there is no way for us to guarantee delivery of your shipment once the package leaves the United States. Also we cannot control whether customs will delay your order or for how long. You may be charged an import duty on your purchase and this varies from country to country.